Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild is a 3-reel, one-payline online slot. As the name implies, there's more to this game than most classic slots. But what's the 10x mean in the title? Find out as we cover Triple 10x Wild's symbols, theme, betting options, and special features.

Symbols and Theme

The first way that Triple 10x Wild differs from most classic slots is through its background, which features a wide rainbow of colors. You'll see orange, red, purple, pink, blue, green, and black swirling in the background.

The reels are also over-sized, which makes it easy to see what symbols land on the reels when playing on your smartphone.

If you've played other classic slots before, you'll be familiar with the symbols used in this game. Symbols include cherries, BARs, cash, bells, 7s, a 3x Wild logo, and a 10x Wild logo.

The highest-paying combo occurs when you get two 3x logos combined with a 10x icon, which offers 30,000 coins. The highest-paying regular icon is when you land three 7s in the payline, which pays 150 coins.

Betting Options

You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $10.00, and put 1-3 coins on each line. This makes the minimum wager worth $0.01 and the max bet worth $30.00.

If you want to quickly use the largest wager, click Max Bet. Triple 10x Wild also includes an autoplay option that keeps the reels spinning automatically. When you want to halt this option, just click autoplay again.

Triple 10x Wild Special Features and Bonuses

The 3x Wild icon multiplies payouts by 3x when appearing once in a win, and multiplies prizes by 9x when landing twice in a payout.

Here's an example: you get two 3x Wild icons and a 7 in the payline, which would normally be worth 150 coins. However, thanks to the 9x multiplier, you'll receive 1,350 coins.

The 10x symbol multiplies payouts by 10x when appearing in a win. As mentioned before, it delivers 30,000 coins when combining with two 3x icons.

Final Thoughts on Triple 10x Wild Slots

The early days of the slots industry were built on classic slot machines that included BARs, bells, and cherries. While the classic model of 3-reel, one-payline slots aren't as popular as they once were, Triple 10x Wild adds a nice twist to this genre.

For starters, the colorful background gives you something entertaining to look at while playing. Another likable aspect of this game is the big reels, which make it easy for mobile players to see spin results. Finally, this slot includes two different multiplier symbols that can help you win huge prizes.

The downside to Triple 10x Wild is that it doesn't have a second-screen bonus or high-quality 3D graphics like modern slots. But if you still like classic online slots, then Triple 10x Wild is a must-try.