Sunken Ships Slots

There is always treasure to be found where there are sunken ships and this simple yet colorful slots game with three reels and one payline is a testament to the treasure that can be found in the sunken ships. Players may try out this simple game for fun but of course placing real money bets is the best way to enjoy any slots and players can start with a low coin value and increase their coin value as their confidence grows and their winnings fly in. When playing Sunken Ships slots players can place one, two, three or four coins per spin with coin values ranging from $0.01 up to $10 giving players a wide berth of choice for placing bets.

No Special Features but Great Payouts

There are no special features to look out for when playing Sunken Ships slots but players should look for the anchors that offer the highest payout of 2000 coins when three appear on the payline and the player has placed a four coin bet, with a three coin bet the player receives 1500 coins, with a two coin bet 1000 coins and with a single coin bet 500 coins. There is one feature that rewards players with payouts on diagonal symbols appearing anywhere on the screen and not just on the set payline. This feature is only for the anchors and the 7's and can also award up to 2000 coins if three anchors appear on the diagonal. There is always treasure to be found in this simple and easy game to play.