Whiskey Barrels Slots

This easy to play game is not just for whiskey drinkers, it is for anyone who likes a bit of fun and has a budget to play slots. Coin sizes start at $0.01 and reach as high as $10. Players can place one, two or three coins per bet. The symbols in the game all relate to whiskey being used for medicinal purposes and include the barrels, a cuddly St Bernard dog, 7's and 7's with a barrel and there are also standard slots symbols.

The Three Barrels Payout

There is no wild and no scatter symbol in this game. The highest payout is awarded for three of the barrels appearing on the single payline of this three reel slots. With a three coin bet the player receives 2500 coins, with a two coin bet the player receives 1000 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 500 coins. Simple, clean easy fun and some great rewards characterize this Whiskey Barrels slots game.