Reel Poker Slots Review

Reel Poker Slots is the perfect combination of video poker and slots, offering 3 different jackpots, a real card deck, and one of the highest win rates you've ever seen. You can also look forward to a bonus round that sees you select cards. Let's discus all of these aspects and more in this review of Reel Poker Slots.

Symbols (Card Deck)

This slot contains 52 symbols, one for each card in the deck. Winning combinations are equivalent to winning video poker hands, including a royal flush, 5 of a kind, straight flush, 4 of a kind, full house, flush, and a straight.

The royal flush (suited A, K, Q, J, 10) pays the most, offering 10,000 coins when appearing in a pay line. A 5 of a kind pays the next most, delivering 2,000 coins for five symbols.

Hit Frequency and Pay Lines

One of the best parts of playing Reel Poker Slots is that you can count on a 61% hit frequency.

This is incredibly high for an online slot, and it truly makes this game feel like video poker, where you win quite often.

You can also look forward to 100 pay lines that offer wins in a variety of directions. This differs from most slots, where winning combinations must start on the left-most reel.

Reel Poker Slots Features and Bonuses

Reel Poker offers a bonus round and three different jackpots, which you can see below:

Free Spins

Free games are triggered randomly. When the bonus round starts, you'll see 15 face-down card symbols, and you continue selecting these cards until a matched pair is displayed.

The matching number is equal to the number of free spins awarded. If you turn over a 2x card before matching a pair, your number of free spins are doubled. With the 2x card, the max number of free spins that you can get is 30.

Minor Jackpot

The Minor Jackpot is hit as soon as it reaches $75.00. This means that you'll want to increase your play as this jackpot approaches $75.

Also note that to qualify for all 3 jackpots in Reel Poker Slots, you need to bet at least 5 coins.

Major Jackpot

The Major Jackpot must be hit when it reaches $750.00. This is another prize that you'll want to keep an eye on as it approaches the designated amount.

Main Jackpot

You win the Main Jackpot by getting a sequential Royal Flush, which is a suited 10-J-Q-K-A in this exact order, in either direction. At the time of this writing, the Main Jackpot is currently worth over $2,500.00.

Final Thoughts on Reel Poker Slots

If you like video poker, then you'll enjoy seeing it play out on the reels with Reel Poker Slots. This game offers a true 52-card deck, and winning combinations are based on real poker hands.

Other aspects to love about this game include the 100 pay lines, winning any way, matching cards in the bonus round, and playing for 3 different jackpots. If all of this sounds exciting to you, then we definitely suggest trying Reel Poker Slots.