Step Aboard for a Classic Slot in the Shape of Harbour Master

Yes, the spelling is correct in the title, as Harbour Master is a classic from the Wager Gaming Technology collection of games. When we say this is a classic we mean it – there are several features here that look good and play with a familiar feel to them. Don’t be put off by familiarity though, there is a lot to commend it.

Which quantity of reels and paylines combine to form Harbour Master?

You have three reels spinning at the top-left of the screen and just a single payline in action. As we said, it’s a ‘reel’ classic!

What are the coin values like?

If you like penny slots, this one fits the bill, as that is the lowest-value coin you can start with. However, if you want to up your bets, $10 is the highest coin value to choose. You also have an option of trying from one to five coins on each spin, which means the potential prizes can be higher if you want.

Does the Harbour Master slot have special symbols in play?

There is a clock symbol that acts as a wild in this game, and this is the only special symbol you will find. If you get one of these on the reels, even if it isn’t part of a winning combo, you can win a prize. The best symbol to find is the compass, and if you can get three of them on your payline, you will win the jackpot. The exact number of coins you would win depends on the number of coins you wagered in the first place. If you put five coins down, you would get 1,500 coins in return. Not bad if you can trigger it!

Can you trigger a bonus game?

No, this game is a classic and therefore doesn’t have a bonus round added.

Download and play Harbour Master for a thrilling slot experience today!

The game itself is smooth to play and you’ll easily be able to work out what is involved. The pay table is included on the game screen and you can see how your symbols relate to those included on the table. Will you win some nice prizes, and can you possibly scoop the biggest prize of all? Try playing today and see how lucky you could be playing Harbour Master at some of the best online casinos.