City of Gold Slots

City of Gold Slots takes players deep into the jungle where the Aztecs built their temples and filled them will gold and golden fruits and riches. This is a simple slots game with just one payline and three reels. But despite its simplicity there is plenty to be won in this game and plenty of action. Players can place one coin or two coins per spin and the player can choose a coin size ranging from $0.25 up to $5 per spin, in other words a total bet of $10 is allowed if placing a two coin bet.

Golden Fruit Bowls

The highest payout is achieved from landing three of the golden fruit bowls on the payline. With a two coin bet the player receives 1600 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 800 coins. This is in addition to the golden fruit bowl acting as a wild symbol and when appearing on the payline it substitutes for other symbols and with one appearing the winnings are doubled, with two appearing the winnings are multiplied 4x. This simple and easy game is also very rewarding and lots of fun to play with some traditional symbols including bars and watermelons making an appearance.