Royal CaribbeanSpot the Intriguing Theme in Royal Caribbean Slots

Sometimes you can immediately tell what a particular theme is about when you check out a slot game. But with Royal Caribbean, you may not have a proper idea of what is going on. The name brings to mind a cruise line, but here you will see the royal connection is the one that is more relevant.

In any event, the theme is not as important as the features that come with this slot game, so let’s see what Wager Gaming Technology has in store for us.

Which quantity of reels and paylines combine to form Royal Caribbean?

This is a three-reel game that has only one payline.

What are the coin values like?

You’ve got quite a few coin values in store here. If you want to use a low bet, stick to the minimum of one cent per coin (three coins can be played at most on the line). On the other hand, a maximum coin value of ten dollars is playable, bringing the total bet to $30 at most.

Does the Royal Caribbean slot have special symbols in play?

The king is worth watching for, because if you get just one appearance of the king you will win either 2, 4 or 6 coins. The number you win each time depends on whether you play one, two or three coins, regardless of their coin value.

You have no bar or cherry symbols here, thankfully – everything is related to the Royal Caribbean theme. So watch out for matching symbols, most of which have to appear three times in order to trigger a prize.

The biggest payout you can get is 1,600 coins, which would be granted for three kings on the payline against a three-coin bet. That amount is then multiplied by your coin value to determine the actual prize you will win.

Can you trigger a bonus game?

No, this game is a basic three-reel one, and there is no bonus included.

Download and play Royal Caribbean for a thrilling slot experience today!

This is a nice-looking game screen, providing you with a smooth gaming experience in order to enjoy a great time spinning the reels. There may be no special features included, so it is probably one for beginners to try rather than those who like their slots to be a little more complex. However, if you fall into that group, you should definitely give it a try today.