Monte Magic Slots

Monte Magic is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot created by WGS for online casinos. Unlike many 3-reel slots, this game has a distinct magician theme. It also has unique symbols that go beyond the usual cherries and bells featured in these types of slots. Let's continue discussing these aspects along with everything else you need to know about Monte Magic.

Symbols and Theme

This slot is all about magic, with the background featuring a white-gloved hand holding a magic wand, black top hat, and magical sparkles. You'll also see purple waves going across the screen, which further sells the magical feel.

Symbols include: a regular top hat (wild), rabbit in the hat (bonus), rabbit, triple stars, double stars, single star, and the white-gloved hand holding a wand. The regular black hat is wild and substitutes for other symbols to form wins. It's also the highest-paying, offering 800 coins (1-coin bet) when forming a win by itself. The rabbit is a distant second, paying 80 coins for a win.

The background and symbol graphics are nothing special when compared to the industry. But they look solid, and give Monte Magic more personality than your average 3-reel slot.

Betting Options

You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $10.00, and use 1-3 coins per turn. Other options include Autoplay and Bet Max, the latter of which automatically sees you wager 3 coins. Note that with Autoplay, you must click the button again when you wish to stop this feature.

One interesting thing about this slot is that it doesn't offer any more value on the jackpot when you risk 3 coins. Most slots will give you more value on the top payout if you wager all 3 coins. But not Monte Magic because you get proportionate payouts of 800 coins (1-coin bet), 1,600 coins (2-coin bet), and 2,400 coins (3-coin bet) for three top hats. However, you'll still want to wager 3 coins, as we'll explain in the special features section.

Monte Magic Special Features

The black top hat offers a multiplier when helping form payouts. If one hat appears in a win, your payout is multiplied 2x; if two hats appear in a win, your prize is multiplied 4x. Here's an example: you win with a rabbit and two hats, which will multiply your 80-coin prize 4x, for a total win of 320 coins.

If you bet 3 coins per spin and land a bonus black hat symbol in a winning combination, you'll trigger the bonus round. This is a simple pick-and-win round, which is similar to what some other games offer. But given that most 3-reel slots don't offer any kind of bonus, Monte Magic has an advantage in this regard.

Final Verdict on Monte Magic Slots

When we think of classic 3-reelers, we often envision a generic theme with no bonuses. But Monte Magic breaks the mold by offering both multipliers and a bonus round. We also like how all of the symbols are magic-related, rather than including generic icons that you'll see in most other 3-reel slots. That said, we recommend trying Monte Magic no matter if you like 3-reel games, or if you simply enjoy playing great slots.