Try and Find the Marvelous Marlins in This Great Slot

Sometimes it can feel as though you have played all the traditional slots you would ever want to try. They all seem very ‘samey’, which can lead to apathy among players.

That could be one of the reasons Wager Gaming Technology has tried something totally different with Marvelous Marlins. Whatever you are expecting, it’s fair to say you might be surprised at how this game works. Let’s see what it can offer you.

Which quantity of reels and paylines combine to form Marvelous Marlins?

The basic layout of this game will be familiar to any slot player. It has three reels and delivers just the one payline.

What are the coin values like?

This is where things start to get interesting. Instead of letting you play one to three coins, this game permits one to five coins on the payline. These can be worth between 10 cents and $10, giving a nice wide range of bet options.

Does the Marvelous Marlins slot have special symbols in play?

As the title might suggest, the marlins are the creatures to look for here. You have just that one symbol to watch out for in order to win prizes. There are no wilds or other symbols included.

While this is a single-line slot, there are three lines of symbols to see on the reels. Therefore, you don’t need to get marlins on the payline itself to win. The idea is the pay table tells you what you will win for each marlin you can find on the reels. The bottom line gives the lowest prizes, from 1 to 5 coins per marlin, while the middle line delivers from 3 to 15 coins per marlin depending on your bet. Finally, the top line can win you from 9 to 45 coins per marlin found, which again is multiplied by your bet.

Can you trigger a bonus game?

No, this is all about marlins!

Download and play Marvelous Marlins for a thrilling slot experience today!

This is a different game, to be sure, but we like the way it focuses you on looking for just one thing on the reels. The fact you can win with just one marlin, even if it doesn’t appear on the actual payline, makes the game very appealing. Give it a go and see if it becomes a favorite online slot game for you.