Step Aboard for a Great Time on the Luxury Liners

There are several online slots that are based either on the sea, under the sea or somewhere close by, maybe on a desert island for example. There are all kinds of reasons why these games are popular, which might be why Wager Gaming Technology decided to put a twist on the theme as well. They’ve come up with Luxury Liners, and you’ll soon see how some of the symbols are very relevant to that theme.

Which quantity of reels and paylines combine to form Luxury Liners?

This is as basic as a slot game will get. It brings you one payline over three reels.

What are the coin values like?

You can play with a coin worth between 10 cents and the upper limit of $10. You’ll also play between one and three coins – the more you play, the bigger any prizes you get will be.

Does the Luxury Liners slot have special symbols in play?

There isn’t a wild here, which is a shame, but the one symbol you should watch for is the cruise liner. If you can get three on the payline you will win the jackpot. This will be 2,500 coins if you played with the maximum three-coin wager.

The cherries symbol will be familiar to anyone who has played classic slots before, and it pops up here as well. You can win a prize with it regardless of whether you get one, two or even three of them on the payline.

However, many of the symbols don’t actually relate to cruise ships at all, which is disappointing. Furthermore, you might see symbols on the reels that don’t pay anything, so that’s a shame.

Can you trigger a Luxury Liner bonus game?

As you may expect, there is no bonus to be found here.

Download and play Luxury Liners for a thrilling slot experience today!

Well, we have to be honest and say that Luxury Liners sounds better as a title than it looks as a game. It would be better if all the symbols were related to the theme instead of just one or two of them. But if you’re looking for a good introduction to how this type of slot works, it could be the game for you.

Try it out and see what happens. You might get lucky and win a bigger prize. However, we think this is only a game to play for a short while.