Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

It is fruity and it is lucky and it is a great game to play with very simple instructions. There is just one payline to Lucky Fruity 7's Slots game and three reels. Players can place bets of varying amounts of coins up to five in total and they can choose the coin size that suits their budget. The coin sizes available start at $0.01 and are as much as $10. This game can be played for fun but as the player will soon realize, it is very simple and very easy to understand.

The Fruity Logo

Symbols in this game include the logo of the game, fruits and a single bar. The most important symbol is the lucky fruity 7's logo.This awards the players the highest payouts. With three of these symbols on the payline the player can earn up to 5000 coins if placing a five coin bet. With four coins the player earns 4000 coins, with three coins the player earns 3000 coins, with two coins the player earns 2000 coins and with a single bet the player still earns a handsome payout of 1000 coins. Even when the logo appears on the screen and not on the payline it rewards the player. With a five coin bet and three of the logos on any position appearing the player earns 1000 coins, with a four coin bet the player earns 800 coins, with a three coin bet the player earns 600 coins, with a two coin bet the player earns 400 coins and with a single coin bet the player earns 200 coins. Quick easy fun and a chance to win some great payouts is the best way to describe this game.