Liberty 7's Slots

Patriotism is the first thing that will come to any players mind when clicking on this easy to play slots game. It is not a game just for July 4th but many players will want to enjoy this game on July 4th and the rest of the year. Players can try out this game before placing real money bets. Coin sizes start at $0.01 and the player can choose up to $10 per coin size. When playing this game the player can place one, two or three coins per spin. It is important to remember that the more coins placed the larger the potential winnings so where possible and budget permitting it is better to go for the larger coin size and three coins.

Patriotic Winnings

As the game suggests this is a very patriotic game that makes use of the number 7. Most of the symbols in the game are 7's. The 7's appear in red, white and blue and also multicolored made up of three patriotic colors. The highest payout is awarded when the player lands a red, white and blue 7 in that order on the payline. With a single coin bet the player earns 2400 coins, and with a two coin bet the player receives a 4800 coin win and with a three coin bet the player receives a 10000 coin win. The second highest paying symbol is the red 7 awarding players 5000 coins if three appear on the payline. Players can shorten their decision making process when playing this game by choosing the Bet Max option that makes it quicker and easier for the player to play. This is an easy and fun game to play that rewards huge payouts for the lucky player.