Join the Island Hoppers in Search of Prizes

A slot game should always look appealing to draw you in, but unfortunately some of them don't seem to invest much in the graphics.

Fortunately, that is not the case here. Island Hoppers is created by Wager Gaming Technology and therefore you can pretty much rely on it being an attractive game to look at. Everything is very clear to see and you will know where you stand when you start playing it. Let's look and see what it can offer today.

Which quantity of reels and paylines combine to form Island Hoppers?

This game is what might be referred to as a classic - a three-reeler game that has just the one payline.

What are the coin values like?

You can start playing with just 10 cents, but you do also have a chance to play more than one coin, increasing your bet to three coins per spin if you like. The maximum coin value is $10.

Does the Island Hoppers slot have special symbols in play?

No, there is no wild here, which can sometimes be included even in a three-reel game. There are a variety of symbols though, including the familiar bar symbols with one, two or three bars. You will also see the planes used to hop from one island to the next in this theme, not to mention the pilot's wings. There are other symbols on the reels, but these are not included to determine a payout.

Can you trigger a bonus game?

No, you won't see a bonus round here.

Download and play Island Hoppers for a thrilling slot experience today!

Okay, well this game is a basic one, and to be in with a shot of winning the jackpot, you have to play three coins. This might deliver a 2,000-coin win if you get three pilot's wings. However, no other prize-winning combination in the game will bring you a bigger prize for playing three coins, so you have to consider what is worth playing each time.

Island Hoppers is a decent game if you like three-reel ones, but with no bonus round and no wild to look for, it is really only good for a short time. You might come back for a quick go from time to time, but we doubt anyone will want to play for extended periods.

With that said, it is a great game and is good for beginners to try out.