Go For Gold Slots

Go for Gold Slots is a truly Olympic themed slots game oozing with winning options and champions on the screen. It is a three reel slots game with just one payline but included in this there is a bonus game that can be activated when the bonus symbol appears on the screen and there are chances to win some grand payouts in the base game. Players can choose to bet single coins, two coins or three coins to spin but must bear in mind that the bonus game is only activated with a three coin bet.

Game Choices

The coin sizes in this game vary and it is up to the player to choose the coin size that best suits his needs. The choice starts at $0.01 and is as high as $10 per spin. It is recommended to place three coin bet where possible because of the bonus game and the chance to win the highest payouts for each symbol. The champion symbol is the highest paying symbol and in additiuon it also acts as a wild symbol. As a wild when it sits on the payline it can complete a winning payline. With one of the champion symbols the winnings for the player are doubled for the line it completes and with two of the champions the winnings are multiplied 4x. Three of the champions offer the highest payouts giving the player 800 coins with a single coin bet,1600 coins with a two coin bet and 2400 coins with a three coin bet.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is triggered when the ballerina appears on screen. In this case the player is invited to choose from a ring of gold coins to reveal his bonus prize. The player can choose up to three times in the hope of receiving the best prize. Other symbols include the Olympic torch and wreath, gold coins and single and double bars. Playing Go for Gold Slots gives the player a feeling of being his own Olympian and with the winnings that he can achieve he really will be a star winner.