Get Ready for an Alien Invasion!

An alien invasion doesn’t sound like a good thing, does it? We wouldn’t want it to happen in real life, but in reality, Vegas Technology has used this very theme to inspire yet another great slot game to add to their collection.

The graphics on this one are particularly good, and everything shows up nice and sharp when you play. Spin those reels and see whether you can get some great combinations.

What does the game hold in terms of reels and paylines?

This is a classic three-reel game that only has a single payline in play.

Does Alien Invasion deliver a nice array of bet amounts?

Your lowest bet option is 10 cents, but you can increase your wager to $10 per coin if you like. We say per coin, because you have the chance to play as many as three of them on the payline.

What kinds of special symbols can be seen?

The ray gun is worth watching for because it will act as a wild symbol. One appearing with two other matching symbols to create a three-symbol win will automatically award a 2x multiplier to the relevant prize. Three-reel games don’t have scatters so you won’t find one of those here, and there are no other special symbols either. With that said, one alien face can trigger an award when it appears, so perhaps the aliens are a good thing after all!

Does Alien Invasion pack a bonus level as well?

No, because this is a three-reel game it falls into the category of no bonus. There are some other three-reels options that do carry a bonus level, but here the game doesn’t provide you with one.

Download and enjoy playing Alien Invasion today!

If you want a standard game that you don’t really have to think about too much, this could be a pretty good game to play. The rules are simple, the pay table is right there where you need it instead of being on another screen, and the game is smooth and well-designed.

In fact, it has all the features you would expect to find in an online slot from Vegas Technology, purely because it has been designed by the best. Watch out for those ray guns, as three of them will unlock the jackpot to be awarded to you. If you bet three coins when it hits, you’ll win 2,000 coins!