Ahoy! Check Out the Admirals Inn Today!

Admirals Inn has to deliver a game that is related to pirates, and that is exactly what you get here. This is a basic game from the Vegas Technology stable, but if you like traditional games or you simply want a change from the more complex offerings, this could be the one for you. The pay table is right there next to the reels, so you can easily see what you might win. Let’s check it out.

What does the game hold in terms of reels and paylines?

We said this was a standard game and we weren’t lying – it has three reels and only one payline in action.

Does Admirals Inn deliver a nice array of bet amounts?

Plenty of Vegas Technology games vary the betting between a cent and $10 on each coin you place. This is the same for this game as well. However, as it only has the one payline, you also have an option to bet one two or three coins on the line when you play. The three-coin bet will give the biggest prizes and the biggest jackpot if you turn out to be really lucky!

What kinds of special symbols can be seen?

This is as basic as a slot game is going to get. You usually have a wild in these kinds of games, even without the presence of a scatter or a bonus level. But here you don’t even get that.

You do however get a wide range of pirating symbols including barrels, books, wheels and anchors. Oh, and by the way, the anchor is pretty special because three of them can unlock the biggest prize of the lot. This would be a 300-coin prize if you bet one coin, and an 800-coin prize for a two-coin bet. If you did strike it lucky while playing three coins, your reward would be in the shape of 1,500 coins – the game’s top prize.

Does Admirals Inn pack a bonus level as well?

No, there is no additional bonus round in this game.

Download and enjoy playing Admirals Inn today!

This is as basic as a game like this is going to get. Beginners to online slots could do worse than to pick this one. Additionally, it is still fun to play. Sometimes it works well to go back to basics, and we think this game makes a good job of doing just that.